Thanks so much for thinking of us to JV with you and help you move this deal.  I wanted to take a minute and explain to you how this process works.

1. Please make sure that you answer all of the questions and submit everything to have your deal reviewed and considered.  We are selective on the deals that we accept and it must meet our criteria.  Because we are so busy, we want to make sure that any deal we take on has a high likelyhood of closing once we put our team of salespeople on it!

2. All deals are split 50/50


4. We require that any ads you have already put up are taken down if we decide to move forward.  What this does is eliminate any confusion in the marketplace with buyers.  If someone sees the same property marketed by multiple people (and worse) multiple prices, they will most likely shy away from that deal and think its a scam.

5. We will sign a JV agreement before we start any marketing of the deal.

6. We generally can get you an answer in 24 hours or 1 business day depending upon how many deals come in per day.

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