Andre’s Story

We were very fortunate to be able to help Andre out of a stressful situation. Story is there was a house he was caring for which was a family property. Problem is he lived almost an hour away, keeping watch, making sure the maintenance inside and out was ok. The house needs some repairs, but … Continued

Sell My House As Is

🤓Selling your house ‘As Is’ is much easier you might think! So if this is something you might be considering then your house or rental property might need some type of repairs. 🦋 This is OK! This is where we come in! 🏠Selling your house can be a stressful time in any persons life and … Continued

Finding The Right Buyer For Your Pennsylvania House

Finding the right buyer for your house in Pennsylvania can be a lot of work. Who knows how long it will take or how much they will offer? There are a lot of variables to consider when listing the traditional way. In our latest post, we will help you compare your selling options, helping you … Continued

8 Tips On Downsizing Your Home In Pennsylvania

Downsizing your home can be beneficial no matter what stage of life you are in. Having all that extra stuff can feel cumbersome and overwhelming. In our latest post, we discuss easy ways to downsize your house without all the stress. With each year that passes, it seems that most of us gain more and … Continued

Do you have a septic system? Something to consider.

A short video speaking to our latest project that we entered knowing we needed a new septic system, however, other factors are proving to delay this project. These are things that are not thought of necessarily on a daily basis, but very important to consider when purchasing a house as it could make or break … Continued

What A Vacancy Will Cost You In Pennsylvania

As a rental property owner, you might be curious what a vacancy will cost you. There are many ways in which it will affect your rental income. Learn more in our latest post! Calculating the cost of vacancy or COV is critical before buying any rental property in the Pennsylvania area. You will inevitably have a vacant … Continued

Refinishing Hardwood floors!

There is nothing better then bringing a house back to its former glory!  Refinishing some hardwood floors is a great start!  I love to see quality wood under all of that old stain! Our contractors put in some really hard work to bring these beautiful floors back to life!  Stay tuned for some more renovations on … Continued

How To Deal With Difficult Tenants In Pennsylvania

Dealing with difficult tenants is bound to happen as a Pennsylvania real estate investor. While it can be frustrating, the issues are usually pretty manageable. Learn more about how to deal with them in our latest post! When you are a landlord and the tenants living in your house drive you crazy, you might want … Continued