Andre Testimonial

We were very fortunate to be able to help Andre out of a stressful situation.

Story is there was a house he was caring for which was a family property.

Problem is he lived almost an hour away, keeping watch, making sure the maintenance inside and out was ok.

The house needs some repairs, but a bit too much to handle for someone working and caring for a family.

We were able to meet with Andre at the house, make an assessment and offer and together come up with a solution that suited both of us.

Now Andre has cash in hand, but more importantly the relief of having to stress about the multiple trips to check on the property and worry that one of those trips he may find a bigger problem.

If you have a property you are considering selling, contact us now!

Watch Andres video to hear how easy the whole process was 🙂

Andre Testimonial
Video Transcription

Andre: Hello. My name’s Andre. I just got done doing a deal with C&M Housing Solution and it went pretty smooth, smoother than I thought it would. Chris and his wife were definitely comfortable people to deal with. I like how they’re handling their business and I will definitely deal with seeing them housing solutions in the future. Something that was down to earth. The meeting was very short and the business was handled quite quickly. But definitely, yeah, I had a good time, actually an experience, but definitely C&M are my people to go to for my next situation.

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