I need to sell my house fast, what do I do?

Too many repairs,  would a cash offer make sense?
Video Transcription

Chris McGeady: Hey, Chris McGeady here from sellmyhouseasis.com. Let’s talk about whether it’s worth it or not to sell your house for cash, if you have just so many repairs in the house, you just feel like you can’t keep up with them, you can’t do them yourself. Is it worth taking a cash offer for your house? Obviously my bias opinion is going to say yes, but let me explain why, right? If you have a lot to do with the house, take this house I’m standing in for instance, we did everything to this house, new windows, we put a new kitchen in, new bathroom, we finished the basement. We’re putting a new septic system, there was a pool that was falling apart, we filled the pool in, we’re going to fix up the yard, the driveway got redone, trees were in the way. We redid the roof.

These are things that we’re not afraid to take on and we have the resources to do so. So if you’re in a position that you can’t really fix the house yourself per se, and get it up to speed taking a cash offer is really just us coming to take a look at it, seeing what we would have to do to the house, not whether we can or not, we can do everything. What we can do to the house, what it’s going to cost us to do so, and what we feel like we can sell it for on the market, that’s how we’re going to come up on our cash offer for you. So when you weigh them side by side, it’s either we do the work and we offer you a cash offer and then go and move on.

And I’ve said it in other videos before, it’s a stress free process, hassle-free, we really take everything on for you and let you move on, and you don’t have to worry about it anymore. If you’re in a position to do the work yourself and get it up to speed, then that’s awesome, we actually applaud people that can do that. We’re here to help people out that aren’t in that fortunate position. So if you find yourself in that position, then don’t be afraid to reach out to us, there’s no job that’s really too small or too big that we can’t take on, we’re happy to talk to you either way.

So we make it nice and easy, we put a little form on the website here, or if you happen to be watching this on Facebook, you can just hit the button and reach out to us directly on Messenger, and let’s just have a conversation. Worst comes to worst, right, the worst thing that can happen is we say we can’t do it, which is probably not going to happen, or our offer just doesn’t make sense for you, it’s okay, nobody’s feelings are going to get hurt, we’re going to help you out.

One of our motto’s and one of our core values is that we treat everybody like family, so we want to come and have a serious conversation with you about what your goals with the house, what your goals are for the future, and what do you want to get out of this. And if we can make that happen and we’re mutually beneficial from it, then that’s the person that we want to talk to you. And if that sounds like we’re talking to you, we want to talk to you, we want to come talk to you and see what we can do to make that situation better, and then you can move on to the next chapter of your life.

So this is what we specialize in. We buy houses for cash, we can close on your timeline, so if it’s something that you need to sell as soon as possible, or you’re trying to sell your house without a realtor and you’re trying to save on commissions and things like that, or you don’t feel like your house would sell in the market because the bank is going to expect too much from your new buyers, to ask from you to do to the house inspection items. Big inspection items are going to be what? Your septic systems, your roof, if you had leaks and stuff like that. These are some things that can come back and bite you on inspections, and most of the time buyers on the market are going to expect you to fix that before they buy a house.

We don’t expect that from you, we expect to do that ourselves and that’s why we’re a good option for some people to come out and help you out because that’s what we’re here for. So if we can do that, go ahead and fill that form out today, reach out to us. Feel free to watch some of our videos too. We have a Facebook page, you can come see some of our renovations and our walkthroughs, people like that, right, it’s like watching HDTV. So we’re happy to assist in any way we can. Thank you.

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