Important Message Regarding Covid-19 And Cash Offers

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Video Transcription

Chris McGeady: Hi Chris McGeady here, the owner of C&M Housing Solutions. I wanted to reach out with this very important message because within light of everything that’s going on right now with the virus and the social distancing, there might be some kind of delay in reaching out to us if you need us. And we wanted to put the message out there that we’re here for you. We’re still conducting business and we’ve put some measures in place because of social distancing that can allow us to still do business with you.

Now what do I mean by that? If you reach out to us, you can call us, you can text us, you can fill out this form to your right and we’ll have a phone conversation. We can actually purchase properties based on the conversation that we have and some data that we can pull up online. It’s the strength we have with technology nowadays and we can actually make an offer on your property.

Now your next question might be, well, if I’m able to accept that offer, how do we move forward? How do we settle? Do we have to sit around the same table, at the closing table? Some of you are nervous about the virus, rightfully so. No, we don’t. We’ve put some measures in place. We have some partners and we’re able to close. We’re able to make the offer. We’re able to close virtually if that’s something that you need right now. We realize as business owners and the service that we provide, there’s people that just can’t wait and they need to sell their house just like there was last week. Right? So we’re here to provide that service for you. Please reach out today. We’re happy to talk to you.

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