Meet the people that can buy your house as is in Pennsylvania

Video Transcription

Mel McGeady: Hey guys, welcome to our channel. My name’s Mel.

Chris McGeady: And I’m Chris.

Mel McGeady: And we are the owners of C&M Housing Solutions. So as you could see, we are creative with our name. We live in Morgantown, Pennsylvania. And what we do is buy houses with cash. So can you just explain to them what that means when we buy houses cash.

Chris McGeady: Sure thing. Buying houses cash means literally buying the house with cash. So where banks might need you to do inspections or even possibly fix up the house in order to sell it, it’s real easy and laid back with us, and then we can literally just come in and buy the house with cash.

Mel McGeady: Yeah. So we’re going to put it together some videos to help you understand exactly what our process is in a little bit more detail. And we do do our own inspection, but just as he said, we definitely do not ask for repairs because that’s what we’re here for. We want to be able to do the repairs. So we’re just trying to make this as simple as we can for you.

So if you want to subscribe to the channel, you can, there’s going to be follow up videos and hopefully we can just get to know each other a little bit better. And if you have any questions, always feel free to reach out to us. We’re here to answer your questions. We’re not here to hide anything. We’re on your side. So, our name is C&M Housing Solutions because we’re trying to find solutions for homeowners. That’s our main priority when it comes to this. So, and is there anything else that you wanted to add that you’d like to explain to them?

Chris McGeady: That’s just it, that we’d like to use this YouTube channel as a platform to answer some of those frequently asked questions that we get really on a daily basis. So make sure you stay tuned and subscribe and keep track of what we’re doing.

Mel McGeady: And we look forward to answering all your questions. Have a great day.

Chris McGeady: All right.

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