Shiplap in that fixer-upper or not?


For those of you that watch HGTV, you might be familiar with the new growing trend of ShipLap being used in rehab projects. This is especially true for the show “Fixer-upper” with Chip and Johanna Gaines from Waco, Texas.

Shiplap was historically used for the exterior walls of barns,
sheds and even for the exterior of older homes. If you look back even further you will see that shiplap was even used to create a flat surface on interior walls to apply wallpaper to.

Once the show “Fixer-upper” started to become more and more popular, we are now seeing a shiplap movement thanks to Johanna Gaines and her design style. I personally love shiplap because it brings a little character to a small plain room and a focal point for that room. So, rather then renovating a home and making it look just like every other home you see, I think incorporating a little character to the wall


like shiplap is a good move.

Trends as we all know will come and go. Im sure we call all remember when wood paneling became very trendy in the 70’s and it didn’t take long before the trends started to shift and the wood paneling couldn’t be removed fast enough. We still come into homes we want to rehab that still rock that wood paneling and I cant seem to get it down fast enough.

So whether you like the show or not, we must face the fact that home owners do seem to like the new trend of Shiplap in their homes and if that is what they are asking for then maybe we should look to start incorporating it into our rehabs.

So, what do you think? To Shiplap or not shiplap, that is the question…..
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