What do you do when you need to sell your house fast?

Aimee and Rose Testimonial
Video Transcription

Speaker 1: All right, so we just finished settlement. So tell us a little bit about your situation.

Speaker 2: Well, I sold my home around Easter time. It was time to downsize. I had been at my home for 39 years. Got a little postcard from CNM Housing, that we buy houses. Had Chris come out, and he gave me an idea of what the price would be, the sales price, and then set me up with his realtor. And long story short, I called Chris back, asked if he would help me with the dollar amount. He and Mel came out to visit. They agreed to the amount. And basically, every week from then on they called, “What can we do to help you? How can we assist you?” Everything went absolutely smoothly. Great people to work with. I then referred them to my sister Rose, who just closed on my father’s house today.

Speaker 1: And how do you feel it went?

Rose: I feel it’s still in process. So far so good. Really happy to have this phase of it in completion. And still have some things to do to clear my stuff out of the house, but I’m really looking forward to seeing what you were able to do with my father’s home. I’ve lived there 46 years, and I think it’s got a lot more life in it. And I’m anxious to know that another family’s enjoying it, making their own memories.

Speaker 1: Yeah. So overall, you feel the process went smooth?

Rose: Absolutely.

Speaker 2: Absolutely smooth.

Rose: Absolutely.

Speaker 2: Yes, to not have to deal with open houses, and having to put it up on market, and even have a sale sign on the lawn was very good for me. I appreciated that. And within the next few years, I’ll be referring my Aunt Kitty to CNM Housing Solutions when she is ready to go into her assisted living facility.

Speaker 1: Fabulous.

Speaker 2: You guys rock.

Speaker 1: Thank you.

Rose: Yeah.

Speaker 2: You’re welcome.

Speaker 1: That’s good.

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