What does it mean to sell my house for cash to someone?

What does it mean to sell my house Cash?
Video Transcription

Chris McGeady: Hey Chris McGeady here, from Sell My House As Is. I want to explain something today, we get this question a lot. We advertise that we buy houses cash. What does it mean for you when you sell your house cash? It doesn’t mean that I’m going to come in with a big duffle bag of cash, but it actually does mean we’re going to buy your house cash. Are you saving realtor fees? Sure. We’re not going to charge any commissions or fees like that, but it goes a little bit further than that.

When we come in, we analyze your house, we give you a fair cash offer for it. And in that process we’re going to go ahead and do all the paperwork, we’re going to get everything filed and get you ready for settlement. What you’re going to do, is you’re going to get ready for that next chapter. Where are you going to go next? Are you going to rent something? Are you going to buy something? That’s what you should be focused on preparing for, not, “Wow, how am I going to get all this stuff out of the house? How am I going to clean this up?”

Because really with us, it’s as easy as taking what you want and leaving what you don’t. We’re happy to clean the place out. We have to do renovation work in there most of the time anyway, so we’re happy to do that for you. There’s no sense of you incurring that extra cost. This should be stress-free. This should be hassle free. If you’re going to go ahead and just up and move out of the house, that’s what we want it to feel like. We want it to be as mindless as possible, in the best way.

So take for instance in here. Can you follow me over? This is a kitchen and a dining room of a house that we just completely renovated. And when we got this house there was a whole bunch of stuff in it. There was carpet on the floors, there were couches and stuff left behind. There was stuff in the cabinets, in the kitchen. We don’t care because that person that lived here was able to take the stuff that they want, go to their next place. And I think we closed on this house in about a month. You’re not strapped to time on that. If you need to move in 45 days, if you need to move in 20 days, we can accommodate that. That’s the ease of transaction with us, when you go ahead and decide to sell your house cash. Because otherwise, if you’re going to, let’s say you put it on the market and you sell it to an end buyer and it’s something that doesn’t necessarily need a full rehab, then you’re still going to be dictated by a bank.

If they’re going to get a loan, it may not take 30 days, it may take 60-90 days. And then then it really depends on what the house needs. Because we’re not going to come in and give you a cash offer with no inspections. We’re going to check out things and make sure that our budget’s in line and it makes sense for us to purchase it. But we’re not going to go ahead and cancel any transactions or make you do anything to the house because you’re selling it to us. On the flip side of that, pun intended, when you go to a bank, if they come in and they find out some things that they’re not going to be able to loan to the new person, then you may be responsible for that type of stuff and that’s not what we want at all.

So if selling your house for cash, or selling your house as is, or selling your house fast, if you need to get rid of this thing right away, then go ahead and reach out to us. We have a forum somewhere on the site, or a button somewhere below this video here. Go ahead and click it. It’s as simple as having a conversation with us. We’re happy to talk to. If we’re not the best fit, it’s completely fine, but at least we can get you to that next step. And you know when your best decision is going to be moving forward.

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